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Easysapers is a startup that acts as a digital consulting, providing SAP® consultants in a simple, fast and accurate way. In my first contact with them, they only had the logotype and many ideias. Now, seeing the growing of the company, I feel proud of the work done.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Easysapers.

My Role

Since we started working together, I have directing the Visual Identity of the company, as well as improving the User Experience of product. My participation was interdiciplinar, in the mentality and the attitude. Managing the visual of the company + interface + UX, were a big challenge, however in the rhythm and relationship that we had in the startup, the decisions making was fast.

My main role at Easysapers

Working together with a backend developer, our mission throughout the project was to always measure what is ideal and what is possible, to comply the deadlines. Our deadlines have been satisfactorily respected, from the MVP phase of the platform to the launch of Golive, as well as new features that will be launched.

Ideal Vs. Possible, driven our decisions

In addition to thinking about user experience, the decisions have always been aligned to deadlines and noted in the log for future improvements.



Mainly working at mobile devices travelling or desktop when inside offices or at home.

Hiring Companies

Mainly working in desktop devices inside offices.

Strategy: Lean UX

Based on the personas profiles, we decided that the project should be responsive, lightweight and easy to use. The homepage of the company would have institutional role and we chosen an “onepage” model would afford the initial need, for having a rapid development and that would allow us to get more time to work and think about the platform itself.

The Lean UX concept came to us when we decided to avoid waste and minimize documentation. At that time we were a small team, we considered being agile, but without detracting from the possibility of scale.

Go to work

The project consisted of two parts, the first public (homepage) and the restricted (platform). The method of work adopted by me consists of:

  • Problematization and understanding of needs
  • Identify personas
  • Analysis for possible solutions
  • Sketches to define systems
  • Wireframes and Mockups
  • Validation
  • HTML Production

Before each HTML production delivery, I have my flow of tests, which comprises:

  • Certify layout integrity at each breakpoint
  • Check the assets of the layout
  • Browser compatibility

Part 1 | Homepage

Once we have set Homepage to be the first in the production queue, we start with it. During the meetings I made my sketches on paper, then produced the mockups and finally the HTML production, which was then delivered to the backend developer.

By designing, redesigning, and discussing sketches with the team, it has the necessary direction to go to the computer and produce the mockup. The software used was Adobe XD.

Part 2 | Platform

The conception of the platform followed the same reasons described earlier, but with more time, which helped us due to the large number of pages.

We developed the sitemap, a process that was fundamental to the understanding of the work to be done. For this task, Mockflow was imperative, the tool fulfilled my need very well.

One of the sitemap version or gettting the breadth and depth of navigation

The process followed its natural flow: schetches > meetingsmockup > discussion > redraws > validation > HTML production > send to backend.

First wireframe of Easysapers’ Dashboard, pen on paper to get agility and go into something tangible and testable.

Learning with our users

The product is launched, everything is beautiful and working! But ops! Why the low adherence in the consultants registry? What happened?

One of the great lessons learned was the value of texts (UX Copy) in the registration form. After hours of watching the Hotjar videos, we decided that we should rewrite some labels and placeholders of form fields, this change, which generated a significant impact on the number of records of the platform.

Last words

There is a lot of work to do, but how i said early, I feel proud of the work done. I helped them to launch a great and disruptive product with a small team in a short time. Improvements will come and I can not wait for this second round.

Thanks for reading!

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